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Avon is no stranger to me; basically I cut my teeth on it! My family had quite an eye on the bottle collections with their favorite scents! Wild Country was my dad’s favorite scent and this is how the collection began! He was the proud owner of almost every one that came out! There were so many of the products including powder puffs and smells galore! I will tell you where I come from and the challenges I have had living the American dream! I went to college and studied horticulture and later ECE then general and special education! I have had a great deal of challenges only to conquer them all! I was born without hands and a foot for whatever reason! The stories were different depending who I asked! I am the youngest of seven children and my condition was mine alone! At eighteen I met the love of my life and we  have been married for forty five years and we are now proud  parents and grandparents of two amazing adult children! I am also retired teacher and I have taught from preschool to high school!  I grew up in the Avon family community and its top quality products and great prices! I enjoy learning details for all of the new products they have since I have sold it the last times! I am now retired and I am back selling Avon! Avon products have been used by my family since I was a little girl! My youngest granddaughter loves choosing items to order and waits for assistance from her mom to place an order! Christmas will be extra special for us this year because we have been living 1800 miles away from our families! I love being home because it will be a family focused Christmas! I am looking forward to building my business with Avon this year and I will be focused on recruiting new representatives! Family is everything and the pictures are the important people in my life!